list of inspirational quotes by oh sehun:


"what is with this hyung"

"what is this"

"this hyung is so ugly"

"hyung do you know chocolate rice"

"this hyung is daebak"



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  • director: okay kyungsoo i want you to glance down at his crotch while you guys piss in the bathroom
  • kyungsoo: ex...cuse me?
  • director: just do it
  • kyungsoo: alright then
  • kyungsoo: /glances down/
  • /phone starts ringing/
  • kyungsoo: pardon me, lemme just get this
  • kyungsoo: hello?
  • jongin: hyUNG
  • jongin: WHATRE YOU DOING
  • jongin: HYUNG STOP


[finds the most sarcastic asshole in the series] my love

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Chanyeol tags instagram posts like he’s a blogger here

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